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i love it when horrible people realize how trash they are


Cant trust a nigga with cuts in his eyebrows

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you really a bitch if you let the microwave hit zeros while your family is asleep you disrespectful bitch

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welp i finally made a tagged/music page on my blog with all the music i’ve reblogged and posted

i don’t know how long i’ll like this but i scrolled through my blog for like an hour tagging the good music i could find so someone better view that damn page or i’ll go crazy


i’ll be honest i have a special place in my heart for darkskins, like have you seen them? but regardless i’m not going to be with someone based on the tone of their skin over how they are as a person, that really comes second

the reason i avoided this question is because i don’t want to ever sound like i’m fetishizing but darkskins are slept on so much it blows my mind, it truly does